Suggestion: Load balance module components

PolaricEntropy 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 3

Hab modules/WayPoint stations should be able to load balance with components just like the universal hoses do. That is, if you install more then the required components it's going to use the extras to reduce strain on the others. That forces the player to do a trade-off between spending extra components to keep the thing working longer vs saving them for another module. For some things like fuses you might want to install all three in WayPoint stations just so they will last quite long, while for hab modules you decide that since you are around your hab a lot you can spend the extra time checking up on them.


Load balancing makes sense for some components, but I'm not sure it should be the case for fuses. I think I can make a compromise though and only degrade the integrity of a single fuse that is installed since it only requires one. That way you can have more installed as backups that would only start degrading if the first fuse slot fails. As it is right now I believe all installed fuse slots will degrade even if only one is required by the module.

The thinking is that if the power can be distributed across more fuses/wires the individual component would suffer less stress. Like say the machine uses 14A to do it's work. If you take those 14A and distribute them across 3 fuses that are rated for say 4.5A each, those fuses would run at 88% of their rated maximum. That would make the fuse wear faster since it's getting hotter. If you take the same 14A and distribute across 5 fuses each fuse would only be used at around 62%, the fuse would operate colder and would last longer.

Then again, this is slightly moot anyway since the fuses are outside in low temperatures anyway, so they should be getting cooled appropriately.

Thanks. I'll consider implementing something after doing a bit of research.