Could not replicate

Can not MOVE

KreatorB 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 4

I was repairing the the heater pump and was on the right side of the control panel when I clicked on the hatch to the right. I saw my screen kinda slide forward and was no longer able to detach or move away from the heater module. Strange one

Sorry it was in gameplay not save and load. click it to fast

Under review

Sorry, but I'm having a hard time understanding exactly what happened here. Are you able to recreate the problem? The E key is used to close the datapad that comes up when you are trying to do maintenance. If it happens again, I still want to know about it, but perhaps you can try to press the E key to see if it would allow you to move again.

Tried to recreate the issue but did not succeed