Item duplication glitch and "cutting tool"

KahMehKahZeh 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 3 years ago 5

So I took another crack at the game and found that if you don't have the tools needed for crafting it duplicated components you placed in the screen.

Also I had a pair of scissors that were referenced as a cutting tool as well as 2 other builing tools which I had an was unable to craft. 

Not sure if I had the right stuff.


Found the duplication issue. Thanks for the report. I'll have a patch for that soon, but I'm still looking into the tools issue you described.


For crafting that requires multiple building tools or engineering tools you cannot use two of the same tools. For example, if a item requires 2x Building Tools, you cannot use 2 Screwdrivers. A Screwdriver and a Hammer would work though. Is that possibly the issue you encountered?

that possibly could have been the issue, yet I have found 4 screwdrivers so far lol.

Currently the only items that are salvageable are items that are also craftable, but in the future I will allow you to salvage duplicates of items even if they aren't craftable, like tools. Of course, there are a limited number spawned during the game so you must be careful not to salvage tools you might need.


The item duplication bug should have been fixed.