Airlock Door & Interior move speed

SilverBeard 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 7

Hi. I've experienced a rather unusual bug. When I go to leave the habitat and open the internal airlock door, it slides open and then closes immediately. If you happen to be in the way, it punches you back into the room about 15 Mtrs. I couldn't see this in the forum, and I apologise if I've missed it.


Shoot, also...why do you move so slow in the habitat? I find that rather strange. Plus, I experienced a problem with the gravity...there's too much of it ;)  Cheers, and thanks for a great experience so far. Keep on!

Under review

I'm not able to recreate the issue with the door collider even when using your save file. I have experienced before, but it's difficult for me to identify and reproduce it with any amount of reliability. Because of that it's just a very low priority. I have literally not encountered it in probably the last 500+ times of going through the airlock doors. If you were able to give me exact steps on how to reproduce the collision issue then I would be able to investigate a fix more easily. Thanks.

Also, I can understand being dissatisfied with the movement speed inside the habitat. It's something I haven't revisited in a while, but I could perhaps look at simply enabling the run keys while inside which would increase your inside movement speed to effectively match the exterior walk speed. 

I have also encountered oddities with the airlock doors on rare occasions, but just as you said, when I tried to find a way to reliably reproduce or trigger the unexpected behaviour, it felt like needing an extremely specific timing and character movement to cause them to happen, so much so that it could be considered more of a "quirk" than an actual issue. None of what I've encountered was game breaking, just a bit of a "What was that?!" kind of annoyance.

What I've observed so far in various game versions with the outer door of the external airlock:

  • The door closing while you are in the doorway and either pushing you back, pushing you upwards (sometimes ending up on top of the floodlight above the entrance), or launching you backwards in the air.
  • The door closing while you are in the doorway, causing the player to clip into the door model and get stuck, but I think the door reopened a moment later in these cases so you could get out.
  • The door opening for a moment when you approach but immediately closing again right before you could actually go through (potentially resulting in the first group of issues). With this one, I could half-identify a trigger point where the stairs leading up to the entrance connect to the hab model itself: if I managed to stop just at the right spot somewhere near that connection point, it caused the door to start closing as if there was an extremely narrow gap in the detection volume which controls the door. However, I could get this happen very rarely even when I explicity tried for quite some time, and I'm not sure if it was specific to one habitat or to all of them.

In the next update you will be able to "run" indoors. Interior walk speed is about 60% of exterior walk speed, and interior "run" speed will be identical to exterior walk speed. I think this is a good compromise.

A good thing that this popped back up, for the airlock door reclosing part. I'm almost certain now that it somehow has something to do with the boundary of the trigger volume(s) which should keep the door open while you are nearby, and that the player's presence sometimes gets "masked" by some geometry / model issue with the airlock model when they happen to stand right at the "wrong" spot. I had this happen on both sides of the external door, but I'm less sure about it for the internal door (I think it did happen there too). When I catch it happen and I don't move, it consistently happens as long as I stay in the exact same place: I click on the door, it opens then immediately closes again as if I'm not there at all. If I move just a tiny bit towards or away from the door, it will remain open when clicked on. On very rare occasions I even managed to move back to the "wrong" spot and have the door reclose again, but it's very hit and miss as the area where it happens appears to be extremely small.

I don't know how these things actually work in Unity, just trying to think along some general implementation of such things. Is the trigger volume defined/anchored to the airlock part of the geometry, which is not monolithic with the rest of the hab model but kind of a "prefab"? If so, maybe there is a very small "dead zone" where there is a gap between geometry, which belongs no neither so as far as the game is concerned the player is not actually there so no trigger volume is to be notified. Or, two pieces of geometry overlap in the wrong order so that the one that has no trigger volume creates an area where the player is detected to be in that one because it masks the other geometry "surrounding" it which has the trigger that would hold the door open.

I remember there was an issue where the player could fall out of the airlock room during transition and it was addressed with adjusting related models/colliders, so that hints at that there are several visible and invisible volumes defined in and around the airlock. That's why I suspect some of them may be misaligned in a way that causes the game to lose track of the player when they happen to be at the exact location of one such overlap, and as a result the door gets immediately closed since the game doesn't detect the player to be in the "keep open" zone.


Part of this is due to the weirdness of Unity trigger volumes, but I do believe I have managed to get this working more consistently. I'm calling it "completed" for now, but it's not perfect. I may revisit it in the future. Changes will be in the next update.

I've revisited this and completely changed the trigger method for door closing so this shouldn't be an issue in the next update.