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Issues with the hab lighting in 0.64.3

Mr. Fusion 3 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 5

I caught a few oddities / issues with the new hab lighting effects so far:

The outer sides of the outer door windows (both the one of the airlock and the one at the back end of the hab) are lit according to the outside light levels, not based on if the hab is powered or not. During the day they are lit even when the hab is not powered, during the night they are dark even when the hab is powered. The outer window on the inner airlock door seems to be matching the power state of the hab. Even if it's because it's not possible to set a different state for the outer and the inner side of the airlock door window, the non usable one at the back end could (should) behave like the outer window of the inner door since that's visible only from one side when looking at it from the outside so it doesn't need to be in two possibly conflicting state at the same time (dark when looking from the outside and lit when looking from the inside if the hab is unpowered).

When inside, the rest area and kitchen windows are very visibly reflecting an invisible light source (especially the kitchen one) somewhere in front of them. I'm guessing this light illuminates the areas near the windows, but since it's a "fake" light source that is not actually there, it should not be reflected by the window surface.

The North-East hab had some initialization / state change issues. When I turned electrical on, the side windows and the window of the inner airlock door remained dark. The airlock room also remained unlit even though the overhead lights were in their lit state visually, but there was no actual light. When I clicked on the inner door to enter, the lighting came on for a moment before the transition started and the screen went black. When I exited the hab after, all lighting got fixed: theere was actual lighting in the airlock room and the side windows were also lit. All lighting also responded to turning the power off and back on as they should at this time.

And one thing that's more of a suggestion / question: would it be possible to "animate" lighted state of the airlock windows based on the door state, so that when the door opens, their light level changes accordingly? For example, when outside and opening the external door, the window should darken while the door is in the opened state as it doesn't receive light from the inside of the airlock room in this state since currently the inner side of it is facing the habitat wall instead of the airlock room.

The side windows on the North hab were lit on initial discovery even though the power was off at that point. I'm not sure about the porthole window on the inner airlock door (forgot to check).

I think I figured out what's the deal with the third issue. It appears that the lighting state of the previously visited hab is applied to the one you are approaching now, instead of its own lighting state, and only gets updated when you enter (or rather, click on the inner door to start entering). Then it happens again with the next hab you visit, and the next, and so on.

What I observed was that I left a powered habitat with the windows and airlock being properly lit. I discovered a new hab, which was at this point unpowered, yet its windows and airlock interior were lit. When I entered, the lights went out and they stayed unlit as they should after I exited.Then I went back to the previous, powered hab, which now had its windows and airlock unlit I entered then exited.

It looks similar to the since then fixed issue where the current hab showed the status of the previous hab when the status screen was used in the exterior version of the airlock room, until you entered and exited, after which it was updated and showed the proper values.


Yeah, unfortunately this is nothing new lol. Probably the 4th or 5th time I've made a similar mistake with hab-related functions. I'll get a fix based on your proximity to the nearest hab.

Could not replicate

I was testing this and could not replicate the issue. There may have been a change I made after the patch was released that already fixed this issue. You will have to let me know if the problem persists for you after the next update.