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not sure if the update (v0.56) broke something or if it's something else, but suddenly after loading my last save, all the white locations that I discovered have suddenly moved on the map, some to places on the other side of the map I haven't even been yet.

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I can confirm this. Between my previous and current play session, a number of white locations have disappeared from the map but still there physically, others are still marked on the map but not actually there anymore, and yet others have refilled their inventory.

I also had a curious case of an unmarked WayStat showing on the scanner for a while in an area where it couldn't possibly be undiscovered as I've been in that general area several times (being between two Habs) then at some point just disappearing from the scanner while I was moving towards its general direction.

Additionally, some of the locations that are still there but disappeard from the map are not saving their discovered state, always resetting to undiscovered between play sessions (after having saved by sleeping, of course).

I have a hunch that it may have something to do with game updates, which somehow may break the existing saves. I started this save with v0.55, and the update to 0.56 did not cause issues (actually, I'm not even entirely sure about that as there are parts of the map that I explored in the early days of this playthrough and had no reason to go there since then, so I may not have noticed any possible change in those old locations since then). Then, when loaded the save that was made by v0.56 into v0.56.1, I noticed these issues (the locations detailed in the attached save were discovered during the last play session, so they got bugged between then and now, with the only thing changed being the v0.56.1 update).

lp_save_disappearing_sites.zip - See included notes for instructions on finding some of the bugged locations. Some are also tagged with ingame photos for easier navigation.


I believe I have fixed this, but it may not apply correctly for save files made in a previous version. Old save files will still be playable, but they may still have incorrectly placed map markers or you may need to "discover" old locations a second time. But the next update should save them correctly after that.