Removed components still visible in switch cabinets

norritt 2 years ago updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 years ago 9

When removing (working) components, i.e. fuses, in switching cabinets the components are technically removed (diagnostics will show an empty slot) but they are still visible in the switching cabinet. When repairing the slot of the removed component the component disappears as it is supposed to.

Under review

Do you by chance have a save file where you can reliably replicate this issue? I noticed this happen for me the other day also, but it wasn't in a save game situation so I wasn't able to recreate the issue again. I need to be able to have it happen reliably so I can review the conditions that would cause it. I'll keep checking, but let me know if you have a save file I could use. For example, every time you load the game you can walk outside the hab and remove the 3rd fuse from the water reclaimer and it causes the bug every time.

Sure, you can actually use this save from my other bug report about the water reclaimer issue. IIRC with this save it was perfectily reproducible, it basically happens all the time at least on my system. Just load my save, walk out and remove a fuse from any of the systems. If you repair the slot after component removal visuals will be updated properly.

It's funny, because I actually was just using that save to try and test it, but I was not able to recreate the problem with it. So perhaps there is something more specific happening here. If you get a chance to test that save file again see if you can give me the exact steps to replicate the issue. Thanks!

Got it: Perform the following steps

  • Shutdown the power of any system
  • Walk to the systems switch cabinet and open it
  • Repair any slot with a fuse in it
  • After slot was repaired remove the fuse
  • Observe the fuse still being visible albeit it is technically removed
  • Repair the slot
  • Observer the fuse disappear
  • Replace component
  • Observe fuse appearing again

(This should work with most/(all?) components other than fuses as well).

I also made a little video demonstrating the issue.:


You are awesome! This is precisely the kind of feedback and reporting that helps me get fixes done faster and that means more time spent working on additional content. I'll try to get this fix done today. Thanks!

Thanks I'm trying to help where I can =)


Got it figured out. It was related to the update that was made recently that allowed you to remove broken components and use them for salvage. Fix will be in the next update. Thanks again!

Awesome, and kudos to you for squashing the bugs this fast. Keep up the good work =)

Eh, it really depends. I basically just put time towards whatever interests me for development and right now that's bug fixes. Your bug reports are very thorough and so that makes them easy to target and finish quickly. There are plenty of older bugs or smaller change requests that are just more ambiguous and difficult to complete quickly.