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Rock samples don't appear at the research station

Mr. Fusion 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 3

I have placed a full set of rock samples in the storage area of Hab Alpha, and while their overall quality is displayed on the left side of the research screen, the right side of it is empty, not showing any of the samples.

Another player reported that all their samples have shown up under Hab Gamma, even though they were not placed there.

Under review

I think I found the issue where Hab Alpha and Hab Beta were not displaying accurately, but based on the error in the code I do not see how any samples placed in Hab Alpha or Beta would have shown under Hab Gamma. Did this other player report their version of the bug somewhere that you can link me to?

The research station appears to be working correctly in 0.64.2p1, rock samples are displayed, and are displayed where they should be. I haven't encountered the problem where they all appeared in the Gamma section in 0.64.2 nor in 0.64.2p1.

I haven't started collecting atmospheric samples yet, so can't report on those.