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Well, I mean its mars. The high radioactivity may damage electrical objects. And sure, in the habitat it does appear to block it of. You can take Chernobyl as example; they were going in there with a video camera. They came out with almost useless footage due to the high radioactivity not directly breaking, but while the time exposed to the radioactivity it completley gets interrupted by it.
[Edit]: So, it's not your headset/PC/laptop, etc.

Tyler made some research before creating this game. ^^

Same here when I try to script a text bot with like 400commands...
It's like....hard, I am litteraly trying to figure out how I link the Trello website of Lacuna Passage to the bot..
I want  that if people type !updates that they get the latest updates...But I dont know how to link those....

The worst thing can happen when I script and make mistakes is:THERES IS NO DEBUGG BUTTON

So when I make a mistake in like 219 script lines I can throw them into the bin...

Or if I am lucky I find it.

You are not, if you ask me you did a awesome job making Lacuna Passage.

If I play it I enjoy it, and NOBDY can say its a bad job  you've made.I mean you made that all by yourself with a little help from others.You should be proud of yourself.

Yes, its very confusing.But it seems like it "teleported" to me.
I was parking the PRT infront of hab Alpha.Than I left and loaded in again on the next day...
And the rover was behind me...I was even able to drive it INSIDE the Hab....
I tried to bug myself out again but that didnt help.

I just bugged myself out of the wall, and than I was able to drive it inside the Hab A.

P.S.I think there was just a bug that the game didnt know where to place the PRT, so it teleported it behind me.

(Or the save file got damaged while leaving the game)