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I can confirm that this now works beautifully for me. I've tried entering, exiting now on all graphical settings up to "Beautiful". Not a hitch :D

I can now confirm that this works beautifully on OSX

That's good news. I'll test again when the update becomes available.

Right now it crashes quite reliably on exiting the habitat on "Simple" quality. I'll look forward to the update.

Well. Not necessarily. I have maybe 5 gray in sequence, then a crash. Then 1 properly rendered --> Crash. Then 3 rendered --> Crash. Then 1 black, 1 gray, 1 rendered --> Crash. Seems to be no particular pattern here.

I'm just guessing that if I were able to take photos in the *current* quality (at least as an option), it would work.

Oh, hang on... I only just realised that it is possible to open the folder with the photos. I can see there are some 35 PNGs there. Som nicely rendered in very high quality, some gray and some black.

Another crash. This time on Quality: Simple. Happened right at the start after enabling the scanner. The app does not appear to use more than 1.5 GB in the Activity Monitor, though. Plenty of RAM left. Problem Report for Lacuna Passage - 2.txt

Hi. Just confirming that I got the same thing happening on OSX / Mac.

Not sure I agree with the memory issue. I have 16 GB, using about 10GB when starting Lacuna 11GB when it completes loading. It never seems to go above that.

Thanks. I do not mind storing a few KB extra on my Dropbox, having paid for 1 TB. However, I can not seem to find an attachment button in the Userecho editor. 14 buttons in total + maximize but no attachment button.

Edit: Ohhhh....I can simply drag the files directly into the editor! Gonna do that from now on.

I was able to press X with no crash Player - X success.log now but, alas, no pictures were to be found in the photo app. I could see a folder and 7 picture items inside but when I opened one of them, the picture was just a gray surface...