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Is there any reasonable way to place things like an RTG behind a terrain feature to avoid having Rad issues if the RTG's shielding get's a bit damaged? 

Some of the supply drops are already in a crate. So expending SOME of the weight/∆V budget on a T-handle and a pair of wheels would be highly preferred by the folks doing mars exploration/surveying/survival. Apollo had a very limited ∆V budget and they had a cart or a rover as part of their kit. 

The travois would be more improvised as it's going to be a 'drag' to drag that long distances. It's still better than carrying. It would also possibly need some repairs after dragging it around for several days. 

What happens when someone who's relatively fit and scientific get's short of blood sugar and other physiological issues? They tend to know what certain feelings indicate if they're not distracted...

Game play wise, this could manifest as randomized pings of awareness of perhaps:
"oh, my blood sugar is low, I need to eat soon"
"Why am I dizzy?"
"My heart rate is elevated....."

Some issues would also be that when low on blood sugar, the Player's avatar should be dizzy and more sluggish. Introduce a error in pointing and direction function as well as tunnel vision effects when this happens. If the player is hasty, then mistakes happen. I've worked when was low on blood sugar, but I was slow and methodical so mistakes didn't happen. The same thing can be noted with people who are competent when somewhat drunk vs those who are not. The more careful person is careful to aim before pulling the trigger on something vs the one who isn't.

 By the same token when a player is low on blood sugar or hydration or has other physiological issues, simply stopping and looking around, taking the time to drink and rest a moment should allow for flashes of insight into the actual physiological state rather than a hard numerically driven status bar. 

So as a suggestion, a player rushing to get all the systems up could make a mistake, put in a component in such a way that it damages it...or in such a way that it has a lower MTBF value..But if the Player is careful, lines up the mouse, lets the dizzy waggle of the pointer settle down, then they would not. A player rushing across the landscape who takes a moment to stop, look around, settle their hear rate, take a sip of water would then note that their blood sugar was low and get a message of insight or the character's voice indicating as such....

Hopefully those are useful suggestions...

No need to deconstruct the O2 tanks to refill. Just go to the workbench and select the 'build filled tank' function. It's not really rebuilding you're just taking an empty tank and filling it with pressurized O2. 

What I read was that the food bars are rarely used by the space walkers simply because it's a PitA if they do have crumbs. And admittedly the crumb issue IS really a problem exclusive to zero G, aspirating a bit of food into one's lungs is how you can have a mission abort due to Aspiration pneumonia. In a pressure suit in a differential environment like mars, it's just more of something to make you stink inside the suit you've been wearing for the past 3 days. 

Additionally a pair of sipping tubes for a combination of  water/energy drink and/or pasty food would be reasonably expected for folks expecting to perform many hour tasks in EVA suits on mars where the environment is not trying to kill you as much as full hard vacuum is. In that case one of the hard limits may be the liquid and solid waste issue for such an outside the hab worker. The suits will be designed to deal with the issue to a degree, but it's still not glamorous. 

I don't suppose you've thought of modeling the challenge that the Astronauts have with dealing with waste? At least it's not zero Gee so there's less complexity for the future Dr Floyds.  

If the O2/Heat/Power/Water recycler system were to fail on a hab, there SHOULD be an alarm status panel that has a light/strobe/alarm klaxon that'll warn everyone that they've got a problem.

I would suggest a few other tweaks...

Water/Drink additives that allow extra calories that a suited user can sip from. The same would go for some paste for energy/sustenance while on extended EVA. 

Current NASA kit allows for the astronaut to eat a cereal bar that's inside the area of the EMU upper torso area. Thought that's something that needs to be eaten at once to avoid crumbs floating around in the suit.