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I knew there was something about this already. I can't remember if I have tested this back then, but currently in 0.64.1 it is not possible to use neither canisters nor batteries while inside a hab and with the helmet being on.

And now it's back in 0.64.1. Initially broken slots again give good components instead of broken ones.

Sadly it doesn't appear to be fixed in 0.64.1, I'm getting the exact same behaviour as before; initilally broken slots are mirroring the last good slot I've interacted with (if any).

I probably should've asked/mentioned this earlier, but it somehow got lost along the way.

Was/is this some kind of global issue that could be addressed with a one time fix that should resolve all possible instances, or something related to the individual component slots themselves needing a local fix? Since the original report (but still in 0.64p1) I found at least one more slot that had the same issue, at a different location, hab system and slot type. So if it was something specific to the slot in the original report, it may be worth checking all systems / slots across all 9 habs to ensure neither of them has this issue.

It sounds like being the result of the overall issues with the datapad in the current version; if you put it away the "wrong" way, it locks some of the controls until you take it out and put it away a second time the "right" way this time. Not sure if it is, but it does sound similar.

Hmm, I think I also meant to mention those kinds of oddities with the sun reflection at some point (and even sun shadows, I think sometimes they also remain visible when the sun is already occluded and only ambient/scattered light should remain in the scene, but no shadow casting light) even when the sun is no longer visible. Actually, I think I did mention one instance of it, where the sun is still reflected on that small round window of the airlock doors even when it's no longer visible on the sky.

Are those reflections generated per model by a "fake sun", essentially a small localized light source that is part of the model instead of the game world, and is positioned around it so that it simulates the position of the real sun on the sky at that time of day and orientation? I believe that's one way of generating these local sun reflections (because it's cheaper than calculating it based on the actual distant light source), and also the reason why terrain occlusion does not affect the reflection as it shoud. If that's the case, I wonder if it'd be possible to turn that light source off when the sun is no longer locally visible, instead of at the time when the sun globally went below horizon by time of day.

Airlock storage was brough up quite some time ago, I think it got onto the "low priority todo list", so to speak.

Even with the current finite food supply, it's perfectly possible to go on for 100+ sols. A sustainable food source of some kind make sense only if there are other long term goals to support such long term play with some goal other than "for how long can I skip time ahead by resting 20 out of 24 hours"?

I see no point whatsoever in moving the habitats. It's not like there are fixed position natural resources or anything you want to be close to, and having more habs next to one another provides zero benefits. Not to mention the fact that the habs are supplied by external systems, so if they are moved, they will be left without power, water, oxygen and heating. They have wheels most likely so that after they were power landed to the approximate target location, they could be rolled around a bit to the locally best suited spot before getting anchored and the support systems permanently installed around them.

The loading indicator and datapad/pickaxe issues are being addressed.

The PRT being a bit too loud was mentioned by others too as I recall, and I kind of agree. The volume could be reduced a bit but in general I like the sound and I think it enhances the driving experience a lot so it should remain well audible to still be a characteristic part of PRT use.

I prefer situational music that underscores certain in game events over a constantly playing "soundtrack". For me it works better with the theme of the game in general.

I'd have to dig some images up made by the various Mars rovers to see if there are some on which the Sun is visible (and my guess would be that the developer too did at least this much to get it more or less right), but as I recall the ones that I saw over the years, I think the apparent size of the Sun is about correct. As for it disappearing sooner than it should, while I never specifically paid attention to it, I didn't notice any major issues. I don't know if/how the game manages distant terrain, such as hills that exist as part of the terrain but masked by the "distance fog" so not directly visible, but that might also be an explanation why the Sun may disappear sooner than it should in some cases: it dropped behind terrain that itself is not visible, but still blocks the Sun.

The word "appear" sounds odd here. "Occasionally radiation storms may occur." as first sentence, maybe?

You mentioned on Steam that the additional issues have been fixed (I'm assuming in 0.64p1), but they are not, this still happens the same way as described above.

The only change I've seen over 0.64 is that the pickaxe no longer appears on its own when it shouldn't.

Maybe it would deseve its own topic, but it first appeared to be related to the storage vs. inventory issue in the OP, since the datapad still gets closed in that situation (only now it also closes in any other situation too).