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Thanks for looking into it Tyler.

 Also happens when loading into an emergency pop tent / remote base with a PRT parked nearby.  And not so nearby... maybe anywhere in the same chunk?

As Mr Fusion mentions, you can't get to the menu when "LOADING..." is displayed.  If you aren't near a hab and need to pause or exit, you must drive to a different chunk first.  Or Task Manager > kill the process -- I've had to do that a few times when I had to take a call.

A possible short term fix might be to allow the menu to be reached despite being in the LOADING... state.

Darn I meant to categorize this as a bug.  Sorry about that.

My #1 wish for this game is to ditch the simulation of the antique keypad technology.   Yes it's simple and robust and still in use today 60 years after it's creation, particularly for machine controls.  But it's terribad for working with data. Today astronauts take IPads to the ISS to avoid using the crappy old terminals as much as possible.   By the time we go to Mars 20 years from now, surely we'll have something a bit more modern -- and productive.  

As a gamer, I found the keypad simulator interesting for about 5 minutes.  Now it's a reason to play a different game.  Sorry to be harsh but I honestly believe if one thing will hold back the success of the game, this is it.

I agree with everything in Mr Fusion's "no waystat" bullet.  Since activating a waystat is part of the tutorial, it's not too hard to notice the benefits.  Put a waystat super close to the the landing pod and make it the first tutorial objective, sorted!

I was surprised my compass worked without a single waystat.  I honestly don't know anything about electronic compass technology on Mars but I'd expected comms with waystats or satellites to be a requirement.

I've wandered out of range of the waystats and had to activate more to enable nav in a new region.  That part is pretty intuitive.  It's also slightly alarming to lose your electronic pathfinding tools, and exciting to head for that waystat you spotted off in the distance with no electronic aids.  :D

For locating an undiscovered hab, I'd like activating waystats in the same part of the map to improve your chances of finding the hab.  More increases your detection range.

I agree, want to see these on the HUD.  I often make EVA decisions based on calories/ hydration/ health.

I would like a little more automation in mapped sites.   I'd like the Remote Outposts to have a different marker than the minor sites, possible a purple square?  

I like the idea of taking pictures and in-game text notes that are associated with a specific site. For the main nav map, possible just a small icon next to the marker that, when clicked, opens the photo or notes?

I like the idea of making the helmet depend on oxygen availability, because it's more intuitive.  One of the first things I tried was turning on only the heat because I had full oxygen tanks and battery.   Didn't let me take my helmet off.