Your comments

i always take 4-5 on an eva. Never craft new ones.

You could pause time only when not moving.

Ok - this is the one with the pop tent.

Loaded a new game, found a remote outpost didn't get the achievement. The achievement does say temporary outpost so either i need to keep looking or there is a bug.

I have only found two remote outposts and no temporary outposts. - but my game is from before 0.58. I will probably just fire up a new game.

Fortunately i had taken a picture of the rover so I was able to go to it and i can confirm that it now works properly and i did get the achievement.

Now that i have figured out how the controls work. I have to admit that while I initially liked the idea of the alternate controls I probably won't ever use them again. The advantage of being able to walk and interact with the datapad is better than using WASD to interact with the datapad.

Couple of points - heating elements and wires are very rare.

Also, there doesn't seem to be a negative impact to not having a heating element installed. I have been going days without having them in the habs and I can't figure out what that is or is not doing to me.

Regarding the shutting down of the habs 1) duh - can't believe i didn't think of that (I feel stupid). 2) It didn't occur to me to do something like that and I am not sure why. Maybe it was habit. When you go to the first habitat it is necessary to get it up and running and you are very short on supplies. When i found habitat beta i hadn't found enough supplies yet so i couldn't get it running even if i wanted to and i was removing components from beta to keep alpha going. Then i started searching for gamma. problem was it took me so long to find gamma and it was so far away that i went to gamma got it running and then i stayed there because I had searched all of the area around alpha and beta. I spent 30+ sols walking around gamma trying to find stuff that when i finally went up to alpha and beta again everything was wrecked and I didn't have enough stuff get even one of them up and running again before I ran out of oxygen (re: wires, fuses, etc.) before i died. I don't turn off the habitats when i leave because i need them to generate water and oxygen when i am out and i stumbled on gamma by accident and i had to get it up and running and then i didn't go back. It takes a while to go between the habitats and I wasn't going to run back up to alpha just to turn off the lights. Maybe its my specific gameplay style or the rate at which i found things. It could be just that i have no reason to go between the habitats and it takes so long that it seemed like a lot of time for little gain. Since it has been pointed out that i should probably switch off the lights before I leave i will probably use that more to conserve resources. There doesn't seem to be any impact to turning things off, like burst water pipes, so I might as well. :-)

Thanks. (I am just thinking out loud on this one.) I imagine it can be difficult to find a balance between boredom, tension and absurdity when designing a game like this. When I am doing something like walking it consumes oxygen, electricity, calories, etc. and then there is an impact on my body: exhaustion vs rested, healthy vs organ failure. I tend to think in real world terms for some activities. I was a Marine and a 10k with a full pack was nothing - you could do that with a good lunch and a water bottle. I used to run long distance, scuba dive and play Ultimate Frisbee. So when i die from walking 11k it sort of brings me out of the experience and then i have to remind myself that the death is a necessary element of the tension of the game otherwise i would just be walking around and the worst thing that might happen is it gets dark. On the other hand the things I don't have to worry about is falling off a cliff or tearing a hole in my suit. Ok - I will take death from too much walking - seems like a reasonable way to have tension/danger when doing an EVA. :-)

Please don't take any of this as criticism - it is not mean to be. You have a difficult task - pleasing everyone all the time. :-)

Keep up the good work!!