Ring of Shadows

AlpineHiker03 11 months ago in Graphics/Visual Performance • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 6 months ago 10

On an Mac. Looking thru HUD, I have these ring of shadows. Some are rectangular, some are elliptical. It's as if some debris is circling above my head and the sun is casting the shadows about 6 feet in a ring. Doesn't affect performance. 

Also, at night, I see tiny white specular dots, like fireflies.

BTW, awesome concept and really enjoy what you have done so far. Looking forward to more updates!!


Can Not Equip Portable Solar Panel

MarsWalker 11 months ago in Gameplay • updated 11 months ago 10

SnowWalker here. I have just started a new game. I was able to equip a portable solar panel the first time and then later unequipped it but I was never able to equip it again. Not only that but the game keeps adding more portable solar panels to my inventory that I didn't have. I initially took one from a solar panel array outside and then went inside the hab. While checking equipment I noticed I had two portable solar panels (psp) on me now. I added one to storage. I just shrugged that off thinking I may have had one on me all along and hadn't noticed yet. Later though, when I couldn't equip one again I went back inside the hab to put it into storage as well to then maybe remove again later and see if that helps. When I got to the storage....I had 3 solar panels on me now, and that was not including the one that was already in storage. So now I have four psps when I only should have one. Just before I quit the game just now, I had gone outside to try once more to equip the psp. I only had one on me since I put all of them but one into storage again. Once outside though...I have two on me again and still not able to equip one. I have my save file but not sure where to attach it?

I just went back into the game without saving again and I had three more psps in my inventory. Put two into storage, now altogether I have eight...from the first hab and I've only been here one sol and one night so far.and I only initially had just one.  I went outside to see if I could now equip it but still survivalmode.lpsaveunable....went back inside and I again have two psps in my inventory again. Now I have nine. 

Okay I've posted the save file but I guess my cursor was in the middle of the last sentence. You should still have it though. I am going to start a new game now and see if it gets corrected by itself. I still have the save file copied to my desktop though if you need me to send it again. Thanks.

Nope, second game still unable to equip the psp again after equipping it a first time and then unequipping it.....and they are still duplicating in my inventory.  I can't play like this because I rely on the psp to get me around. I'll wait until it's fixed I guess. Here is my new saved file. survivalmode.lpsave


If there is no component available for "replace" don't enable the control

wrongwayjerry 11 months ago • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 2

When examining a component such as a solar panel there is an option to replace the component. It is always enable even though you may not have a solar panel.

Could not replicate

Can't use WASD to navigate on the datapad

wrongwayjerry 11 months ago in Controls • updated by Jason Broadley 8 months ago 7

The latest update does not allow using WASD on the datapad.


Text reads "Repairning for ..."

wrongwayjerry 11 months ago in Graphics/Visual Performance • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 2

When repairing something the wait screen has the word "repairing" misspelled.

Under review

Oxygen Production Mechanism

Lillian Winter 11 months ago • updated by Mr. Fusion 11 months ago 3

    The use of chemistry in this game is one of its best aspects, but the management of the three vital elements, Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen, can yet be improved.

    The current oxygenator functions by electrolizing water to produce hydrogen and oxygen. The Oxygen is saved, the Hydrogen is presumably released. This means that as Oxygen is consumed, Hydrogen is taken out of the system. This is inherently water-negative. As a result I would reccomend a different mechanism for oxygen production.

Instead of consuming our limited water supply, we should take in CO2 from the surrounding atmosphere. Put it through a co2 filter, and you get breathable oxygen. It's dependent on co2 filters, but they degrade rather slowly. 

    Instead of consuming the limited water supply, it enables a far more stable regulation of gasses.


Some requests

luckyseven 11 months ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1


Thank you for this wonderful game I'm really enjoying it so far!

I would like to request/suggest an anotherl option to save the game maybe at a waystat in addition to sleeping. Maybe I'm the only one but as it is right now these long walks sometimes get interrupted by real life and I simply don't have time to make it back to the habitat to save my game. I'm sure this wont be an issue with future updates if vehicles are added but as it is now it feels like a big problem to me. Thanks in advance


"Drill Rover" site not added to map

Mr. Fusion 11 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 10 months ago 16

I found a "Drill Rover" site which did not get marked on the map once discovered. I think this was the first one I ever saw so I can't tell if it may be an issue with the site itself or with the location it was placed at. At any rate, if that helps, the ingame coordinates I found it at were Lat 283.072, Lon -6.4689.


Blue location detection range feels way too short

Mr. Fusion 11 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1

Until now I was under the impression that the secondary locations marked with blue are picked up by the scanner in a 300 meters range, which seemed like a reasonable distance, so I didn't really pay attention to the actual distance. The EVA suit documentation also mentions only the 300 meters and 1000 meters ranges, and also in a somewhat confusing manner, saying that WayStats increase the 300 meters range to 1000 meters, not specifying if it's true for all location types (it effectively is true for anything but the blue locations, as far as I could tell).

However, blue locations appear to be detected only from around 145-155 meters, which is about half of even the base scanner range, not to mention the 1000 meters (which may or may not apply to these locations, as the documentation is unclear about it), and feels extremely limited; you have to get so close to these locations for the scanner to detect them that from there you can just spot them visually, so such a short detection range is practically useless.


Fake terrain reflected on both sides of the Hab doors and wall panels

Mr. Fusion 11 months ago in Graphics/Visual Performance • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1

The exterior version of the habitat doors and the surrounding wall panels around them have a "glossy" surface on both sides, which reflects a fake terrain. While on the outside surface of the external door it may even be acceptable (tho it's very apparent that it's a static fake reflection, not looking anyhing like the actual terrain around the Hab), the inner surface (inside the airlock room) of the outer door / surrounding panels and the outer surface of the inner door / surrounding panels also reflects this fake terrain.

Another inconsistency here is that these surfaces are not glossy/reflective on the indoors version of the airlock room.