"Edit" button in Photo app opens its submenu behind the photo

Mr. Fusion 8 months ago in Controls • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 1

When you select the "Edit" button (at least I guess that the one with a pencil represents that) on the right hand button column while viewing a photo, it opens a submenu of the sort towards the center of the Datapad screen. These new buttons, however, are displayed behind the photo itself, so only the right half of the first button is visible, and the rest aren't at all.

There may be further display/functionlaity issues here, as moving the selection twice to the left (first being the half visible new button, then moving it further to the left) then hitting Enter either activates something that's not visible (also behind the photo?) and awaiting further user input, or simply locks the Datapad in an unresponsive state until the Esc key is used to dismiss it.

Under review

Fast travel

Cris Streetzel 8 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Mr. Fusion 8 months ago 3

A good portion of my time in game is moving over areas I've already explored.... getting back to the edge of the unexplored zone, getting back to hab, moving between habs. It would reduce the tedium if we could fast travel in a manner similar to Fallout. Once a location is visited, we could initiate fast travel on the map. The game should indicate the cost in calories, water, and O2 and confirm the choice - similar to the way sleeping is done. The consumption costs could be set slightly higher than a manual trek to eliminate any 'cheating'.

Not a bug

is it just me or are others having problems with the pop up tent not deploying ???

bossquad2004 8 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 1

spelling mistake

Emil Armulescu 8 months ago in Graphics/Visual Performance • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 2

Hi guys,

I found a spelling mistake in the hab zone at consumables ( it is write consumeables )


Thank you,


Can't build or salvage anything to make Wires!

Charlie Kelley 8 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 1

I'm looking everywhere and no matter what I Salvage, I never get any Wires!  I'm down to 1 Hab because while I was gone, the other two went to 0% and so the Wires were broken... Luckily I caught Hab Bravo in time and have exactly 3 wires on it... Any help would be much appreciated!


Slighly lower open Datapad while moving

Mr. Fusion 8 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 weeks ago 2

I think it would both feel more natural and help navigation while keeping the Datapad open if when moving it was slightly lowered from the centered position it is when standing still, so that the bottom edge of the screen itself would get aligned with the bottom edge of the helmet visor. This way the entire screen would still be viewable, but you could "lower your head" and peek ahead above the upper edge of the Datapad's frame to see where you are going.


Incorrect weight check when picking up panels at the "3 solar panels" location

Mr. Fusion 8 months ago • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 4

The large solar panel at the "3 solar panels" location can't be picked up (gives a "not enough inventory space" message when left clicked) unless there's a lot more free space than what would be required. The panel weighs 10 kgs, but I could not pick it up at 40 kgs carry weight (10 kgs free, nor at 38 kgs to be sure that I have more than 10, not exactly 10) until I lowered my carry weight below 20 kgs (with 30 kgs free capacity I still could not pick it up, with 30.1 kgs free I finally could) by dropping items into a drop container. The other two panels at this location may have similar issues, but I ran out of test locations for checking that (I only had the large panel left at the only site I had available in the playthrough).


Hab system component removal doesn't check inventory capacity

Mr. Fusion 8 months ago • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 8 months ago 2

You can remove hab system components (eg. filters, heaters, hoses, even heavy things like solar panels, anything that you remove via the maintenance screen of the Datapad) ) into your inventory via the Equipment Maintenance / Remove Component function regardless if you have enough inventory space to hold the resulting item. The item gets added to inventory even though total carry weight will exceed the maximum carrying capacity.


Better indication of "near death" condition

Mr. Fusion 8 months ago in Gameplay • updated 8 months ago 2

A clearer indication of how critical the vitals are, or rather, when do the levels become actually life threatening would be nice as currently it's not really clear. Several times I had all 3 lines in both hunger and thirst being deep red for quite some time and still didn't die as apparently there's still some margin after that, but it's not clear how big is it and how can you tell how much time you have left.

What also seems confusing/inconsistent is the "Organ Integrity" line in the Exposure section as it doesn't seem to be linked to anything and feels to be just changing randomly.

What would make sense (to me, at any rate) is that first the hunger/thirst/exhaustion stats start dropping line by line, slightly influencing the organ integrity stat. Then, once say 2 of the 3 categories have reached the "all 3 lines red" state, organ integrity would also start dropping rapidly, and when that reaches red, you WILL die. If during this final stage you can get the number of red lines from 6 (3 x 2 categories) to 5 or less (even if just slighty above, to orange) by eating/drinking/sleeping, organ integrity stops dropping, and if you have more green lines than red, organ integrity slowly starts gettng back towards green too, up to the "average" condition of the rest of the stats.

Radiation exposure and low core temperature, on the other hand, would directly lower organ integrity (below what the other vitals set it to), so that you can die of hypothermia or a fatal dose of radiation even when your other vitals are in the green.