Weather app resets map zoom

Mr. Fusion 2 days ago in Controls • updated 2 days ago 0

When the map is left zoomed in, opening the weather app screen at any time resets it to the default full view.


Dust devils pass through habitats

Mr. Fusion 4 days ago in Graphics/Visual Performance • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 4 days ago 1

Dust devils can enter the area/volume occupied by the habitat model and even stay inside the model for a long while before moving on. While this is likely an extremely rare thing to happen, it still doesn't look right when it does happen.

I don't know if there is an animation or effect for when the dust devils appear and disappear or they are always spawned out of sight to avoid the need for such thing. If there is, they could simply dissolve when getting closer than a few meters to a habitat, and if there isn't, they could temporarily get a specific movement direction away from the habitat location when they get into the vicinity of one (in a radius large enough so that they can't touch the systems and the solar panel mounts either) instead of the normal random wandering behaviour.

This is probably an issue with anything else large enough for a dust devil to visibly pass through it, such as the PRT model.


Discovery issue with landing pod

Mr. Fusion 4 days ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 6 hours ago 1

I can't really tell if it's a global issue as I'm finding landing pods very rarely, but the one at Lat 283.072, Lon -6.5301 doesn't trigger discovery when approached from the rear where the storage container is. I had to circle around and look at its front to get the discovery message.


Indoors walk speed while outside

Mr. Fusion 1 week ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 6 days ago 1

Occasionally when leaving a habitat, the walking speed doesn't change from the indoors to the outdoors speed after transition and you need to briefly hit the run key to clear this state and get the normal outside walking speed. It can happen randomly any time you leave a habitat, several times during the same game session.


Why only 4 out 6 lights are lit in the airlock when depressurized?

Mr. Fusion 2 weeks ago in Graphics/Visual Performance • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 7 hours ago 2

Is there a reason why only 4 out of the 6 lights are lit in the airlock room when it's depressurized?

The difference in color and light level, compared to how they look like (all 6 of them) when the airlock is pressurized seems to hint at that they may be in a lower power mode, so turning 2 of them off on top of that feels a bit unnecessary.

And if it is the reason, I think the pattern is not the best, since the middle and one of the side pairs are lit. If the two side pairs were lit instead, they'd better illuminate the equipment lockers along the sides of the room, or if only the center pair would be lit, it would save even more power and provide even lighting to the whole room.

(In case they are different, I noticed this at the South-West habitat location.)


Photos taken can become (cheaty) glimpses into the future

Mr. Fusion 2 weeks ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 6 days ago 5

Since the photos taken during a game session are stored independently from the save file itself, if progress is lost for any reason (crash, quitting, death), then any photo that was taken between the last save and the time the progress was lost will still be available the next time the player continues from the last save, effectively showing things and places the player did not encounter yet in this restrored/continued game session.

While this can even be kind of a good thing when, for example, a crash occurred, allowing the players to retrace some of their steps, but if it was a "proper" loss of progress, eg. an in game death, then it can be used for cheating to quickly rediscover locations the player isn't supposed to know about as not having discovered yet at the point the save was made.

Maybe when a game is restored/continued from a save, before the gameplay starts, the game should check the sol and time stamp on each photo belonging to the current game and delete any which was "taken in the future" compared to the sol and time of the save that is currently being loaded.

Under review

Exterior version of airlock room much brighter than interior

Mr. Fusion 2 weeks ago in Graphics/Visual Performance • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 weeks ago 1

When hab power is off and thus the internal lights are off, there's a very visible difference between the light level of the exterior and the interior version of the airlock room, whereas it shold be practically the same. The exterior version has a rather bright indirect ablient light level coming from nowhere even when the door is closed (at night it almost feels like being brighter than outside), while the interior version is pitch black, save for the red emergency light.


Sprint breathing sound missing when continuing from a pop tent save

Mr. Fusion 2 weeks ago in Audio/Music • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 weeks ago 1

When continuing from a save made by resting in a remote outpost / pop tent, the breathing sound when sprinting will be missing until entering then exiting a habitat for the first time in that game session.

There was a similar issue a while back when starting a new game, something about certain sounds being initialized only when going through the airlock cycle to exit a hab; this probably has the same cause.


Datapad may be in incorrect position after loading a "pop tent save"

Mr. Fusion 2 weeks ago in Saving/Loading • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 2 weeks ago 2

Continuing the game from a save made by resting in an outpost / pop tent can cause the Datapad to be in a weird position when brought up, off screen to the right, up, and about 45 deg tilted so only about two thirds of it is visible. It looks somewhat as if it was "frozen" in an offset position which is normally seen when falling off heights/jumping/etc with the Datapad up.

It only happens under specific circumstances:

  1. Make a save by resting in a pop tent.
  2. Exit the pop tent.
  3. Quit to the main menu, then go to Sandbox > Continue to reload the save.
  4. Bring up the datapad by any hotkey while inside the pop tent, and it will be in the incorrect position.
  5. Quit to the main menu again without leaving the pop tent.
  6. Go to Sandbox > Continue to reload the save.
  7. Bring up the datapad by any hotkey while inside the pop tent, now it will be in the correct position.
  8. Leaving the pop tent then quitting and reloading will break the Datapad again, and so on across #2-#7.

Apparently some state data is not purged / reinitialized correctly between game sessions, and when loading a save made on the pop tent map, this leftover something, which is present only while on an exterior map (reloading a save when the previous session was on the pop tent interior map doesn't do this) causes some kind of interference.


Remote Outpost / Pop Tent interior temp far below zero

Mr. Fusion 2 weeks ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 7 hours ago 1

Is the interior temp of the pop tent at remote outposts (and likely self deployed tents too?) supposed to be extremely low (I'd say, maybe half of the current external temperature)? When I entered one at a remote outpost in the middle of the night, the Vitals sceen showed a -45 C temperature while inside, but I was clearly not wearing the EVA suit as most of it was on the ground next to the sleeping bag. So how did I survive sleeping a few hours in -45 C without the suits heater?

Given the presence of the small life support system attached to the remote outpost tents, I'd say its internal temp should be at least somewhat above zero, even if not at +20 C like in the habs.

As for the self deployed tents, I'm yet to be able to make one so I don't know what it comes with. If it also has some kind of life support system (although I'd say that's quite a big piece of machinery to lug about so it shouldn't), then the same should go for that too, and if it doesn't have life support, then the whole EVA suit shouldn't be visibly removed while inside one, only the helmet (and maybe the gloves?) part, and the suit should provide both oxygen and heating. An added feature could be that since the tent is likely well insulated, the temperature could slowly rise and thus the suit heater would have to use less and less power during prolonged stays.