Your comments

Maybe it´s because there is a little bump somewhere.

Yes that´ll be good.

Oh, that´s good. :)

Yes eating is easier. I collected very much on my last trip. Most of it was bad body condition. I´ve found 3 oxygen tanks so it wasn´t a big deal.

Nice idea with the radiation zones. So it looks realistic and not with those "invisible walls" you have in many games.

Now the door closed while I was leaving. It closed after only a few seconds (it shouldn´t do that in that short time I´d say) But while the door closes I can get through it.

Ah, ok. Only a few seconds but hey. :) Sorry I didn´t find something new. ;) :)


One other question: I can´t see the whole datapad on the closeup? Does this depend on the resolution someone has?

When I move inside the habitat and press "e" the datapad doesn´t zoom in while walking. Only when I stand.

Ok, the output file. Thanks.

I have a windows PC but when I first started the game it took a very long time. But when I adjusted the settings it worked fine.