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No worries, take your time. I wasn't too far in. Just after I got the first weather tower operating. It won't hurt me to start a new game so I can wait for the next update. Thanks.

Well, I don't take it up steep rocky hills anyway. I'll drive over to where I find a new waystat and park it at the bottom and climb up myself. I was driving at night when I tipped it and going too fast and didn't notice a big rock coming up and drove over it. That's how I rolled it. I drive a bit slower now at nighttime. Maybe instead of having us having to right it once rolled over, have a damage system in place, where the machine will now limp back to the hab and you need a bunch of 'scrap metal?' to fix it operational again. But I don't think you should worry about that too much right now anyway. You just got it implemented to the game so it'll take time to perfect it.

Whoops, just tipped it over, hahaha. Well, at least I know it can happen.

I noticed the other day when I found my first PRT that my suit battery didn't drain while nighttime driving and I just thought that might be because of the RTG? Anyway with this new update and the new PRT that I found today, I haven't driven it at night yet so I don't know if I was just imaging that or not now. If the PRT does charge up the suit battery though, I think that's great. Everything else that's not completely perfected yet doesn't bother me at all. I'm used to video games and I can adapt. No real problems for me with it yet anyway. I really love the thing :D

This just came to me. You said it's "Because video games" but you could also say "Artistic license"  ;)

Hahaha, good answer and yes you are right. After the Recycle grenades in the game Prey, who can argue with most game mechanics? Kudos to you though for keeping it as close to RL as possible.

You say there would be a loss of oxygen every time we entered or exited. Wouldn't 'all oxygen immediately rush out upon opening the hatch?  Or does Mar's atmosphere allow oxygen to leak slowly, idk? I had wondered myself how we are getting in and out of the pop tents without losing all oxygen. I'm not complaining though.

Okay, you were right! For some reason my datapad keys were all screwed up. I hadn't even checked that. It works now. So sorry for bothering you with this.

Okay, I will, thanks. I must have screwed something up. Going to Mars in a few minutes.