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Not really.  Most PC gamers don't have controllers.

Might want to add a sound effect.  Arching electricity? Maybe a small visual effect like a bit of smoke coming from the failed component for a minute or so....

Another idea I had is to have dedicated key bindings for common tasks for the tablet.

Press ___ to transfer all.

Press ___ to transfer.  (whatever number you've put it) (Won't have to click back to the confirm button)

Press ___ for map.

Press ___ for health.

Press ___ for inventory.

Press ___ to drink water (if possible) (So we don't have to open the tablet, go to inventory, go to water, press enter, go to water, press enter, etc until full)

Press ___ to eat food (if possible) (Dito)

Press ___ to go back/cancel.



Noticed another annoyance with the keyboard control.

If you want to take a stack of items..

<Move over item>


Click over to the number area

Increment it up (click, click, click, click, click, click, click)

move over to accept


Here's my opinion.  While it isn't realistic to have a bar showing how tired/hungry/stamina you are in a game... the problem is that there is no realistic way to convey that info.  In real life you automatically know how tired, hungry and exhaused you are.

Currently having to open the vitals screen for info you have to check regularly is annoying (to me).  Sometimes I forget to check often enough and get caught someplace where I can't eat/drink/sleep in time.

My Idea for a solution:

Create a stamina/sleep bar and a hunger bar that are optional.

If the player doesn't want to have to constantly check the vitals in the pad, they can have them turned on.

If a player wants less screen clutter game-play, the player can have them turned off.

Hmmmm.  Probably should have the hab be able to store more than 1 suits worth of energy... Especially since it is a had designed for 4. 

The problem with that is that webbrowsers throw up warnings when that is done... and there is no way for the user to tell if it was done securely or not.

I had another idea for a hint.  Instead of modifying the text for the crafting table.  The salvage table hover text could say "Salvage items and re-create their blueprints"

That's really strange that it doesn't automatically switch to the secure page when on the user settings or log-in page.

Ideal Solutions:

1. Have the website use https always. (aka disable unencrypted traffic complelty)

2. Have the website switch to https for the login/user settings stuff.

Wonky solution:

1. Have the feedback button point to the https page so fewer people experience this bug.