Non-electrical components throw sparks when replaced

Mr. Fusion 11 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1

When replacing non-electrical components like filters or storage tanks while the hab system is powered up, they throw sparks like electrical components would, but they don't actually break (as they shouldn't).

Since the sparks were added as an indicator that you shouldn't replace electrical components while the power is on, for the sake of clear feedback and consistency, it should happen only for those components, not for all of them.

(I know there was a thread about all this somewhere, system repairs and feedback on powered state, but I couldn't find it by any relevant search term I could think of.)

Under review

Tiered navigation onlining by activating WayStats

Mr. Fusion 11 months ago in Gameplay • updated by azhockeynut 10 months ago 4

The current navigation and scanning functionality offers little incentive to discover, activate and maintain WayStats; you need to activate only one and you get the whole navigation package in one go. While the addition of weather monitoring at some later time will make the advanced part (fuse slots and fuses) of it more important, the base function could also benefit from a more gradual bonus approach and some added/extended functionality:

  • No active WayStat: no navigation related functionality at all (no compass, no coordinates, visited locations not marked on map, photos taken not tagged with coordinates, no position tracking on the map, "No nav" text instead of compass), 300 m scan range.
  • 1 WayStat: compass display, Habs and WayStats can be waypoints, 400 m scan range.
  • 2 WayStats: coordinates display, visited "white" locations marked on map, white and photo locations can be waypoints, 550 m scan range.
  • 3 WayStats: position tracking on map, custom location can be placed freely and set as waypoint, 750 m scan range.
  • 4 or more WayStats: distance to "pings" shown in scan mode even for unvisited locations, 1000 m scan range, (visited "blue" locations marked on map?), (scan "pings" immediately marked on map with generic icon without having to actually go there first?).

Additionally, each active WayStat could slightly (maybe by 50 meters, up to 500-600 meters max?) increase the detection range for "blue" locations.

Under review

Portable solar panel too powerful

Aladin Kinach 11 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1

my two cents... again...

Being a survival game, I think the portable solar panel couldn't charge the suit's battery when flashlight or scanner are on, due to the energy used to maintain body temperature (which could be variable depending on the environment temperature).

In other words, the portable solar panel just could charge the suit's battery when no other device is


Maybe around noon it might, due to more incidence of solar energy.

Under review

Can't use data pad.

firespark1981 11 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 11 months ago 5

Can't use data pad. No matter what I do it just does not respond to the controls and yes I have messed with the settings and tried wasd and arrow keys. All it wants to do is go to the exit button. Why not allow us to use the cursor like all other games.


Drop container behaviour

Mr. Fusion 12 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 12 months ago 1

Is it intentional that it's not possible to add items to an existing drop container on the ground?

Some kind of warning would be useful to tell the player that drop containers don't persist between entering and exiting habitats nor between play sessions, so anything stored in them will be lost eventually (unless they should persist and it's actually an issue).

It could aslo be useful if the scanner could detect them as blue sites with the same range limit and behaviour as it does with the "regular" blue sites.

Under review

Fast travel

Cris Streetzel 12 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Mr. Fusion 12 months ago 3

A good portion of my time in game is moving over areas I've already explored.... getting back to the edge of the unexplored zone, getting back to hab, moving between habs. It would reduce the tedium if we could fast travel in a manner similar to Fallout. Once a location is visited, we could initiate fast travel on the map. The game should indicate the cost in calories, water, and O2 and confirm the choice - similar to the way sleeping is done. The consumption costs could be set slightly higher than a manual trek to eliminate any 'cheating'.

Not a bug

is it just me or are others having problems with the pop up tent not deploying ???

bossquad2004 12 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 12 months ago 1

Can't build or salvage anything to make Wires!

Charlie Kelley 12 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 12 months ago 1

I'm looking everywhere and no matter what I Salvage, I never get any Wires!  I'm down to 1 Hab because while I was gone, the other two went to 0% and so the Wires were broken... Luckily I caught Hab Bravo in time and have exactly 3 wires on it... Any help would be much appreciated!


Slighly lower open Datapad while moving

Mr. Fusion 12 months ago in Gameplay • updated by Tyler Owen (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 2

I think it would both feel more natural and help navigation while keeping the Datapad open if when moving it was slightly lowered from the centered position it is when standing still, so that the bottom edge of the screen itself would get aligned with the bottom edge of the helmet visor. This way the entire screen would still be viewable, but you could "lower your head" and peek ahead above the upper edge of the Datapad's frame to see where you are going.