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I was unable to replicate this issue. Are you running the game on Mac or PC and what web browser are you using?

Running inside was never allowed. I'm rethinking the auto-unequip thing anyways though. I'll revisit the code and see what I want to do with it. Thanks.

Huh... that is very odd. I'll have to see if there is a work around for this.

Thanks. The photo app can be difficult to account for since it relies on reading actual folders and files on your computer. I'll do another pass on it to make sure I account for these situations.

Good catch. And yes, this is currently only a visual bug. Non-electrical components will not break if being replaced with the power still on. Fix will be in next update.

Thanks. Yeah, I caught this bug myself right after I pushed the update and I didn't think it was serious enough to require a hotfix. I'll get the fix out in the next feature update.

My only concern with implementing something like what you've described is that it wouldn't be very transparent to the player. There is still an incentive to activate more than one currently. If you travel too far away from the active waystat then your navigation features are disabled.

I am considering adding another benefit of activating multiple waystats however. Some players are having difficulty locating hab Beta and Gamma. Perhaps I could show general vicinity of these habs once you've activated a set number of waystats?