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This is a bug related to clicking the door to the pop tent twice when entering. I'll be issuing a patch soon.

Rover damage is another interesting option that I'm looking into for sure.

The problem with a system like that is it could quickly become just as complex as it would be to program such a system for a real vehicle. It would also run the risk of going against player expectations and result in moments of "Why isn't the rover moving?". I think I'm leaning more towards allowing the player to mess up, but then providing them with tools to fix their mistake, rather than just preventing them from making costly mistakes in the first place.

Haha, yeah, it always should. Not realistic, but I figured it was easier than dealing with how to address a flipped rover. Might come back to it later with an option requiring time and effort to flip the rover (similar to a part near the end of the book version of The Martian).

Did it not turn back over for you automatically?

That's a really great idea. In fact, I may just implement a mechanic to show a list of what is in each hab remotely since that seems like it would be a reasonable feature for an Mars explorer to have.

My answer for a lot of these types of issues so far is "because video games". That's not a great explanation though. Some parts that would be more realistic wouldn't be very fun for the player, and other parts I just haven't quite figured out how to best design a solution yet and so I just ignore it. Technically you would lose oxygen every time you enter or exit, but that seems especially punishing for a mechanic that is intended to be used as a safe space.

If anyone experiences this bug again please see if you can save the game and have the bug visible again after exiting and reloading your save. If it is something I can view via a save file that will really help me get a fix. Attach your save file here and I'll check it out. Thanks.

Thanks. I am proud of what I've accomplished, but I am often frustrated knowing that many of the mistakes I make are just a result of not having any formal training in this stuff. It takes me a lot longer to figure things out and fix things sometimes, but then it's also more satisfying when I do because I know that I accomplished it all on my own. It's definitely very fulfilling and I love all the help I get here on the feedback forums.

The answer is really that I'm just a terrible self-taught noob programmer. The rovers persist between inside and outside the hab. And there are some conditions obviously where they are getting reset to the same origin as the hab. I just need to figure out why that's happening.