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Breaking them will result in a "Broken Canister" which can be salvaged for reduced materials. The chance of breaking them on use was my way of making it less punishing because you wouldn't lose the oxygen in the tank, but at the same time it's also more "dramatic" because it would happen while you're on an EVA instead of annoying if it happened during crafting. I feel like if it happened during crafting you would just be like, "ugh, okay, guess I'll just craft a new one right now". That was my thought process anyway.

Yeah, the empty tank is returned to your inventory after you use a filled tank. I will be introducing a chance for oxygen filled containers to break after using them in order to encourage crafting new ones. Right now I think there are just too many available tanks by searching supply caches that you never need to craft new ones.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. Do you craft the empty ones? Or do you just refill empty ones that you've found?

Another question. Do you ever craft them? Or do you just use ones that you find?

That was introduced by me preparing to make these changes to the battery items without double checking the icons. It will be fixed soon.

The storms all vary slightly in their overall size and speed. So you may have just gotten extra unlucky with a large, slow storm. In the next update there will be consumable backup batteries that you can stockpile similar to oxygen filled canisters that will allow you to recharge your battery while out on an EVA. This could also be used to then transfer back to the habitat battery to keep the habitat going during a storm. Unlike oxygen filled canisters though, I think I may implement a failure rate for the batteries where they have a chance of no longer holding a charge, at which point they would change into "Expired Chemical Batteries" (which are an item that technically already exists in the game). This would require you to craft additional batteries.

Fixed the issue and it will be in the next patch.

Somehow your reserve battery charge at that location ended up in the negative. I've had that happen with battery values in the past and obviously I screwed up in preventing it completely. I'll get a fix out soon. The fix should actually reset the battery back to zero so that your current save would still function.