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Yeah. I've been considering most of the options you've outlined. Basically, I think the new system works as an elegant solution to the original problem, and now I'm just down to figuring out how best to communicate the functionality of the new system to the player.

The one functional change you've added here that I do like is changing the RTG to generate only 50 since that is day and night. That does make sense to me, again, I'll just need to consider how best to communicate these changes.

I think that in general I would like to skew towards transparency. As much as possible of the bulleted post I made above should be explained in game somewhere so that players can make informed choices about which systems to turn off/on when in dire survival situations. I just need to decide how much of that info should be immediately represented via the habitat and module status screens and how much should just be in the module user manuals. I think I can find a good balance. I'll let you know when the new power management system is available on the public beta branch.

Your input here has been invaluable. Thanks so much!

I'm working on this right now and I think I've found a relative balance between my desired gameplay and a more realistic implementation of power management. Much of it comes from the wonderful suggestions here.

Since I haven't done the actual kWh calculations (and I'm not sure I want to get to that level of granularity yet since you don't need to know that stuff to understand the basics - "power in" needs to be greater than "power out"), so I'm going to use the "per tick" cost basic math.

RTGs generate 100 per tick, day and night.

Large Solar Panels generate 50 per tick during the day.

Small Solar Panels generate 30 per tick during the day.

Portable Solar Panels generate 20 per tick during the day.

There are still only the 5 solar panel slots and one RTG slot for each module, but now they all contribute directly to the reserve battery so long as the electrical module is operational. However, now there is a maximum of 100pt charge from any set of module slots. That means the most you can generate during the day would be 400pt from all 4 modules.

Then, all the modules also incur a general per tick cost that pulls from the reserve battery in order to operate.

  • Water Reclaimer

    • 50pt cost to produce water.

    • 40pt cost to keep water filtered and in liquid form if tanks are full.

    • If at least 50pt is being supplied by solar panels/RTG directly connected to this module then water production is more efficient.

  • Reoxygenator

    • 50pt cost to produce oxygen.

    • 40pt cost to keep air filtered and circulating if tanks are full.

    • If at least 50pt is being supplied by solar panels/RTG directly connected to this module then oxygen production is more efficient.

  • Heater

    • 50pt to heat up interior to normal temp.

    • 40pt to keep temp stable if at normal temp.

    • If at least 50pt is being supplied by solar panels/RTG directly connected to this module then temp will increase faster if below normal temp.

  • Electrical

    • 25pt to keep all electrical systems running (lights, crafting, etc).

From the above requirements, the highest possible cost per tick to keep all systems running would be 175pt, but if all oxygen and water tanks are full and the interior temp is stable then the cost would only be 145pt. This means that you should be banking between 225pt and 255pt if you have the full 400pt of solar panels connected to your modules during the day. Which should be more than enough to cover the cost of all modules over the night.

The only thing that is difficult to balance for with this system (though it was equally hard to balance with the old system) is whether or not this will provide enough surplus battery charge to use for transferring to your suit for EVAs. This will simply need to be playtested. Though, even having a single RTG would greatly alleviate most worries related to power management since you would be generating 100pt even during the night.

Above you will also notice the incentives to have at least 50pt of solar panels/RTG connected to each of the three main modules. This, along with the 100pt limit of charging per module, I think will add some additional power management considerations for the player rather than just making all the panel slots effectively just be extensions of the slots for the electrical module. I wanted it to be more strategic than just putting 400pt of panels wherever you want.

I’m looking for your feedback on this setup before I put it out in the public beta build. It will also require some major changes to the UI and help text. Let me know what you think!

I think I did actually fix it now, so hopefully in an update soon.

Damn. Sorry. I'll take a look. It's possible I did not re-enable the fix after other testing.

I found the issue and it should be fixed for the next update. Thanks.

Yes, I noticed these issues as well with an intent to fix them in time. Definitely on my list.

I feel like I noticed this also, but couldn't quite put a finger on what was wrong. I'll definitely look into the difference between the x and y axis for mouse input.

This issue was never correctly marked as fixed from a few months ago.

The reply you got in the other thread explains how your issue differs slightly and I'm hoping that an update later today or early tomorrow should help you. Sorry you are having problems.

I'm hoping to release a new update today which will introduce control remapping. This might help to alleviate the issue, but hard to say until it's tested by players experiencing the Unity input glitch.