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Hmm. I'll take a look. It could be a similar issue to the drill rovers where it is not "seeing" it properly. There are two different types of outposts. Remote outposts are the ones in the corners of the map with the pop tents. Temporary outposts are just small supply caches that also have oxygen tank light stands.

Driveable vehicles, caves, and greenhouses are all planned additions. But this will not be a colony simulator. This is purely a solo astronaut sim since that is what our story mode will focus on eventually. Thanks for playing and I look forward to hearing more from you as we release more content.

I got an email notice about the portable solar panel charge rate still not being correct in a dust storm. Was that comment deleted? Just checking in case I do need to investigate that.

Yeah, easy fix. There was a dependency, as you found, that required part of the habitat unloading code to run in order to allow breathing sounds. Will be in hotfix soon.

Yeah, I noticed this too. Will be in hotfix soon.

Good catch. I did have code in place to set the starting temps of the habs to be roughly equal to the exterior temp when starting a new game, but those values were getting overwritten by a function that was being called unnecessarily. Fixed for the hotfix coming soon.

Should be fixed as a side effect of the electrical module "always on" bug being fixed. In hotfix soon.