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This isn't something I'm interested in changing at this point, pretty much for the same reasons Mr. Fusion already noted. 

Thanks. I really appreciate your feedback here too. I've usually kept to a monthly update schedule, but as you noted, the last few weeks have been difficult so I've slipped a bit. My plan is to put out an explanation of what's going on with the coming update. It should be available before Christmas. I'll also try to respond to your specific suggestions later. Thanks again.

This should be fixed in the next update.

I've made some improvements to this for the next update, but it's never going to be perfect unfortunately due to the way Unity handles shadows.

I was testing this and could not replicate the issue. There may have been a change I made after the patch was released that already fixed this issue. You will have to let me know if the problem persists for you after the next update.

Well, I implemented a basic fix for this that will cause the PRT to come to a short stop while the loading initiates, but you should then be able to resume speed while loading continues. If you get out while it stops it will not automatically resume it's previous speed when loading is finished.

Yeah, unfortunately this is nothing new lol. Probably the 4th or 5th time I've made a similar mistake with hab-related functions. I'll get a fix based on your proximity to the nearest hab.

I'm really sorry you are experiencing this issue. You are the first person to report such a random loss of control. I'll see what I can do to investigate this problem.

Can I ask how you are exiting from the datapad? If it's completely random that may be hard to identify, but there may be a key combination that disables interaction that I need to find.

Sorry you experienced this issue. That is very strange. The collision boxes for the solar panels should not change depending on what panels are equipped in the slot, so it should not have trapped you like that. I'll have to take a look at this and see what I can find. If you are able to recreate the issue please let me know so that I can investigate the exact scenario that would cause this.