Your comments

Mr. Fusion has been one of the most helpful contributors here on the feedback forums and he does his best to provide answers when I'm unable respond in a timely manner. His responses here are basically accurate, but I'll elaborate.

The pickaxe/datapad stuff is nearly fixed, but I'm not sure when I'll put the fix out. I might put out another quick patch, or just wait to include them with a feature update in a week or so.

Situational music is my artistic choice for the game, but I've provided a volume slider for the music alone so that you could turn that music off if you wish. Then you could play some other fitting soundtrack if you like.

There is indeed a distant terrain mask that will hide the sun. It is slightly visible depending on the brightness settings on your monitor, but Mr. Fusion is correct that the distance fog largely obscures it.

Could you provide me a screenshot of what your sun looks like? Your description of it being a square shape has me intrigued. I've tried to match the size of the sun to the images that NASA has provided.

I think I found the issue. It think it was partly fixed and then the addition of the pickaxe as a useable "weapon" screwed it up again. I'm working on it. Sorry, there are lots of little edge case things that I don't catch sometimes. Especially when I don't play the same way as other people. I rarely use the datapad hotkeys when I play. I know, that sounds kind of silly, but I guess I'm just trained to always hit the datapad key and then navigate to the apps on the home screen. So I don't catch things like this. Thanks.

Yes, sorry. Your comment with the added descriptions got lost in my email inbox and so I haven't addressed those issues yet. I will try to cover them today with another patch soon.

I forgot to ask if you have a save file where I can test this. I know I've experienced it before also, but it's not 100% reliable. Part of it is a physics calculation for setting the wheels on the ground before the load is supposed to complete, but obviously something is going wrong in some cases.

I'm pretty sure it's related to the way that PRTs load in after exiting. It's a difficult issue that I thought I solved previously, but I'll revisit it.

I haven't changed anything with how health is calculated in a very long time. It has always been instant for each of the main categories, but overall health impact (organ integrity) is more permanent. Personally I feel like it might be too confusing for players that are used to more traditional survival games to not get some kind of feedback after eating/drinking/sleeping. I'm not sure what a good compromise might look like, but for right now this is a low priority compared to some other features I'm working on. I may return to it later.

I think this has something to do with PRTs. Can you confirm for me if there is a PRT within roughly the area around the habitat?

They are fairly well randomized so that could just be your luck, but generally speaking they are not dependent on your computer. Some scenarios could make them more difficult to see at a distance, but they are spawned with the same parameters for everyone, but those parameters have a large degree of randomization.

I could try making them slightly more common, but I still would like them to be relatively rare.