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It's the light from your blue HUD. For some reason it's affecting the pickaxe visually more than the datapad, but it's not a bug really. It is unintentionally noticeable, so I may try to find a solution in the future.

This is a limitation of the FPS camera system. The equipped models visible to the player camera are not technically in the same game world as the other terrain and equipment models. They are rendered by two separate cameras layered on top of each other.

This has been changed for the next update to bring it in line with the normal degradation rate of RTGs connected to Hab modules.

I believe the shortest possible is only 12 hours, but the longest is about 3 sols. With a truly random distribution it is entirely possible to have two storms of very similar length back-to-back. Just like flipping a coin multiple times, it's entirely possible to get several heads or tails in a row rather than alternating between them perfectly. Now that radiation storms are not dangerous at night I could revisit the maximum and minimum possible lengths.

Ah, I see. Yeah, that shouldn't be happening. Are you getting a Loading indicator on your screen during this time or is there no indication of the loading other than the stuttering?

I have been doing a massive performance improvement pass over the last couple weeks, to the extent that it may result in very few other changes or additions to the game, but I'm really hoping that it helps with the playability of the game in your case. I have drastically reduced overall garbage collection and I've made big improvements to CPU usage as well. I did not really target rendering optimizations since I figured that the existing quality settings do a pretty good job of letting users select what their own system is capable of, but the other improvements are ones that every player should see a benefit from. I was closely monitoring RAM usage as well, and in my play tests there were times where the RAM usage was going over 1.2gb, sometimes up to 1.5gb. I suppose I could devise a test where I add a hidden asset to the game that requires a large amount of RAM just to see what happens, but I haven't tried that yet. Theoretically, it should push that RAM usage up noticeably, but if it would not then somewhere there must be some artificial cap on RAM being applied. I just have no idea where or how that would be possible. Please let me know how the game performs on your system after the next update (next couple days).

Thanks for the steps to reproduce this issue. This was related to the previous code using the height of objective locations in the calculation of distance to objectives. This was ultimately unnecessary since the game does not take altitude into account for displaying location. Now it will only compare player's lat and long to objective's lat and long so that height differences caused by player positioning (inside of habitats for example) will not cause this display issue. Fix will be in the next update.

I've made this change for the next update. Good suggestion. Thanks.

Withdraw all was implemented some time ago. There's another small improvement coming for next update. The selection cursor will now return to the previous selected position instead of snapping back to the first item in the list.

Part of this is due to the weirdness of Unity trigger volumes, but I do believe I have managed to get this working more consistently. I'm calling it "completed" for now, but it's not perfect. I may revisit it in the future. Changes will be in the next update.