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Right you are. Fixed for next update. Thanks.

I've discovered the issue here. You were so close to death that the time needed to repair the component would have killed you, but apparently I did not code that mechanic correctly so you were not given any indication or explanation of why it wasn't repairing correctly. The issue is a bit more complicated than that, so for the time being I'm simply removing the health costs associated with repairing when you are very close to death. This means that normal repairs will still incur the small health cost (hunger, thirst, etc), but only if those repairs would not cause your death. You will always be able to repair your equipment without worrying about dying, but you may die very shortly thereafter. This fix will be out soon.

This is intended. Do you think this would not be the expected behavior?

You probably do play the game more than I "play" it, but I do enter and check PRTs regularly and I have never experienced this bug yet. It has to be something related to the physics of the PRTs settling on the ground after dropping from their spawn positions. Somehow the trigger volumes are getting locked in place while the model itself continues to move. I'll have to try and figure out a fix without actually being able to test for it. It might be difficult.

Damn. Was really hoping it was fixed. I'll get to it again.

There was an extra zero in the degradation rate of the RTGs. Good catch.

I was thinking about that too, and I know this isn't necessarily realistic, but from the players perspective I don't think it ever makes sense to be able to carry frozen water. They can already carry water from the hab without it freezing, which I think is necessary from a gameplay perspective, and so if they were to pick up frozen water they would expect it to defrost in their inventory. And at that point it seems kind of silly to have to include that as a mechanic that needs explanation rather than just have the water start out as defrosted. Maybe it's laziness on my part not wanting to implement it, but I don't think your version of depositing the frozen water to melt it in storage is very intuitive either.

I had been trying to think of a solution for this for a while now, but I think I've got an implementation that makes sense. There is now an item called Frozen Water that cannot be withdrawn from your habitat. Those are added as the water freezes, one for each Water that is subtracted. This is also fixed so that it happens even when the exterior modules are turned off (as it should have originally) so you should find Frozen Water in all the starting habitats. Then, if the heat inside the hab rises back above freezing it will unfreeze the frozen water at the same rate as production, which means you will have 2 waters added when normally you would have only had 1, until all the frozen water is thawed and then production resumes back to the normal rate. How does that sound?

This should be fixed for the next update, which will be a quick patch in the next few days.

I think I found the issue where Hab Alpha and Hab Beta were not displaying accurately, but based on the error in the code I do not see how any samples placed in Hab Alpha or Beta would have shown under Hab Gamma. Did this other player report their version of the bug somewhere that you can link me to?