Your comments

Yes, that would be useful.

Habitat Beta is located near one of the nav stations. I don't know about habitat Gamma yet.

For Oxygen and Heat, there should be an alarm. Two different sounds would make it easier to distinguish them (not for the first time but after).


Power failure should see a gradual decrease in light intensity until it goes dark. I mean when it goes dark, it's pretty obvious that there is a system failure.


For Water, I think there should be a little blue warning light in the hab flashing.  

Yeah, I would definitely put a notice saying: 'Component Repaired at 15:02' or 'Component Replaced' and below 'Intervention time: 0.6 hours'.

If you get what I mean.

That's some serious research! Yeah, it would definitely make it more plausible.

That's true. My bad. But yeah I still think it would be useful.

And I mean, you could make it so that you only have to press one key to enable it and press again to disable it.

True, it would be useful. But, don't you run out of Oxygen when travelling more than 3km?

When you enter the habitat, I think that it should be your responsibility to check that all the systems are working. Getting inside the habitat shouldn't mean you are safe.

I would put warnings on the habitat datapad in order to know if a system is failing, without knowing which component is causing problem.