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I saw, thanks for this and all the other fixes you've put in! :)

Got another issue that I thought would be easiest to bring up here (since this is where the save is attached). Could you look at the WayPoint station at: Lat 283.01, Lon: -6.4391?

Every time I try and bring up the screen on it it brings up some random empty circuit board slot, and if you fill that slot the component literally disappears since you get a new empty slot if you try and bring it up again.

Now it works. Had the distinct impression that I went to sleep in Hab Beta but woke up in Alpha when the bug happened, now I wake up in beta as I should and it's possible to leave the hab. Nice work! :)

I got the black screen just now as well on p7. Was exiting the habitat while pressing Esc during the loading phase. It continued to load and no menu came up, I could still move with WSAD (there were movement sounds) and the screen went black. Couldn't get a menu up (tried Esc twice). Turned the game off via Alt + F4.

Edit: Turns out it happens even though I did not press Esc during loading. Seems to happen every time now when I try and exit. Didn't have this isue during my previous session on p7, so it's weird.


Nice! Thanks for considering it :)

The thinking is that if the power can be distributed across more fuses/wires the individual component would suffer less stress. Like say the machine uses 14A to do it's work. If you take those 14A and distribute them across 3 fuses that are rated for say 4.5A each, those fuses would run at 88% of their rated maximum. That would make the fuse wear faster since it's getting hotter. If you take the same 14A and distribute across 5 fuses each fuse would only be used at around 62%, the fuse would operate colder and would last longer.

Then again, this is slightly moot anyway since the fuses are outside in low temperatures anyway, so they should be getting cooled appropriately.

A bit same here, I'm in charge of QA in a modding team, so I know how things are and how difficult it can be to get rid of the issues. No experience of Unity though, but I bet it's a lot easier then Unreal Engine 1 :D

Not sure if this is a bug, but is it intentional that you can stock up on more stuff in you inventory than your maximum 50kg limit? Or is it some sort of impact of storing too much that I just haven't noticed?

Also does empty component slots degrade?

About being able to select things like the habitat status console from behind the wall, seems like it's possible to select certain components like the circuit board in the life support modules without opening the maintenance panel, so probably a slight issue with collision there as well.

Suggestion would be that the remote outposts you find can be spots for you to eat and drink. Then you could stay out for quite a while if you got a few oxygen packs, food and water. However I'm guessing that's the plan, just not implemented yet.