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I had the game resolution change to 640 x 480 today by itself. I think it happened as I was exiting the game using the proper menu selections. Then when I restarted it was still low res, I went into options and changed it back to 1920x1080 then played the game.

Just confirming that this happened to me too.

Perhaps a green/yellow/red light for each of the 4 systems which are up on the wall somewhere. We can see the system status at a glance this way. When one changes to red then it could flash, making the room turn red from it's light a couple times, to draw our attention. I'm thinking of how I have seen ref flashing lights on the wall, similar to ones on top of an 1950s ambulance that spin around when they are lit up. I have seen this in movies and it looks cool. An audio alert would be good too. You could make the flashing red light and sound very sudden so as to startle us. Would make for some fun gameplay. This simple type of status display seems to fit with the game as you already have a three tiered status on each system. Which is only visible when outside looking at each on/off switch. It also seems like the type of status/alert system which would be installed with a 'real' mission to Mars using today's technology.

I started a new game today and after getting all 4 systems working, went inside. Water was producing but always at negative amounts? -.7, then later it went up to -.4 but I was never able to get any O2 producing. I was thinking it was due to negative water. Bottles were being produced. I found this post and restarted the game a couple times. Then water was at 0 and finally started going up, as well as oxygen started being produced. I'm guessing the water being at negative caused no O2 from being generated. On the game restart where the water was not negative anymore, all 30 bottles were gone and it started making them again. 

What happened today seems similar to what is described here so I added to this instead of making a new post.

Having a key to autowalk is important as holding a key down to walk is hard on the hands. I'm an old gamer with hands that hurt all the time. This type of gameplay is important to an ageing gaming community! :)

I'm not sure why the black transitions are there. I would prefer they just be removed.

You could make it spark/explode and kick us back a ways. That would get the point across.

I found that a simple exploration method works for finding stuff. Gear up, start walking in one direction. When your o2 is halfway gone, turn around and go back. Next time try a different direction. It works for me :) Having a tank of o2 helps extend your range. But hunger can still become an issue.

This would be a great way to carry a lot of stuff before we are able to make a vehicle to do it for us.

Food, water, and exhaustion should be in the HUD. These are things we know about ourselves without seeing anything. However, a game must compensate for this. This is commonly done on the screen where a player can see it at a glance at any time. 

I understand you don't want to clutter the HUD and keep it authentic. Putting this info in the corner and keeping it small does work well. I think of H1Z1: Just Survive where many stats are visible, but easy to ignore/tune out. These are common stats which just need to be visible all the time for a good gaming experience. 20+ years of online gaming has proved this is basically required by gamers. Opening a menu with many keystrokes where you have to take your hand off the mouse to just figure out if you are hungry is unfun. This is the type of info which needs to be easily accessible at a glance, all the time. (Well, when you are just walking around and not with a menu open such as inventory)

I died many times at first, before I figured out I had to eat and drink in this game. This is the type of thing which will cause paying customers to think the game is broken, or is too confusing. They will be asking for a high percentage of refunds just due to this design choice. Expecting them to read all the text in the game will not work. Many will not unless forced to.

I have streamed this game several times now, and I have discussed this with many viewers and the vast majority agree with me on this. I enjoy this game, and wish it well. But it does need to be a bit more user friendly.

Perhaps thinking of it as the suit is monitoring and displaying vitals. Subnautica just revamped their stat display. Another good example of this being done in a non-intrusive manner that looks good.

What I recall happening was I got the inside lights up, terminals working etc. Then it all went dark and the stuff didn't work anymore. I did not test the airlock panels so I dunno if they were working or not.