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If I do let me know how and where you want it happy to help

Interesting ideas I agree make more incentive to explore for them 

Until I read u could equip a panel I never went far, now I got all over

I have done similar to be able to eat. Poke my head in and eat back 1 step and door closes

Im just surprised our computer in the hab does not give us a daily chores list. You get the status basic at that but it would be nice if it had a maintenance log and you could eyeball what you have not touched rather than run around to the four corners. But that's an it would be nice thing. Way down the line. I would rather grow food...however as more things get introduced it will be harder to keep track of what needs doing.

Just had this happen to me along with the mini rover

Tyler, if you are going to add dust storms, then might I suggest you rename the repairing slots to clearing dust or cleaning slots? seems weird they deteriorate and require repair but seems obvious they would need cleaning.  Just a thought, and yea I know you are a 1 man band. Impressive as it is. here to offer ideas and feedback and bug discoveries.

I totally agree, I was assuming it would be explained in story or something perhaps on start or landing, before the use mouse to look around you could have a leading dialog that says something like "the ship was breaking apart, grabbing what little you could before launching the pod, you ejected...and your escape pod safely lands, your inventory contains what little you get to it....go find that hab!"


I disagree. The game gets easier because you gain experience. For a novice it requires all that you have learned since they lack experience. 

While eventually it becomes easier for all the game is still early and making it more difficult or challenging should be lower on the list than adding basic or advanced functions like using a Rover or scrapping a fallen satellite or sleeping in an outpost, making or growing food etc.

As time goes on many of those variables you mention can be added tweaked etc or even multiple difficulty levels with custom settings added to effect game play. 

All of that is simply my opinion though take it for the two cents it is worth.

Glad you got the sarcasm in that. :) As a dev (not of games) I thought it would get a little laugh for the day to you. :) Great game

food growth and transportation would be awesome as would the outposts being something you can store with water, food, etc and sleep in there, should be like a small studio apartment in NYC or something lol... couple hundred squarefeet at best. just enough to sleep, cook, repair/craft but you can't stay long.